The present study aims to investigate the influence of microstructure, particularly the effect of aggregates content and interfacial transition zone (ITZ), on tritiated water (HTO) diffusivity in mortars. In order to avoid this problem, low-pH cements have been designed. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Patrick LE BESCOP of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission, Gif-sur-Yvette (CEA) | Read 64 publications | Contact Patrick LE BESCOP 0.9Al2O3 . Application à la durabilité des structures, Immobilization in Cement of Ion Exchange Resins. 25% w/w sodium sulphate solution as mix water), which exhibit the presence of “U-phase,” a sodium-bearing calcium monosulphoaluminate-like phase. The potential of calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement was investigated to solidify and stabilize wastes containing large amounts of soluble zinc chloride (a strong inhibitor of Portland cement hydration). Según lo dispuesto en la normativa de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, sus datos personales serán tratados e incorporados en la actividad de tratamiento “Suscripción al Boletín Electrónico/Newsletter”, con la finalidad de poder remitirle nuestro boletín de noticias e información de nuestros servicios. This paper studies the influence of the U phase formation on the expansion of the C3A+C3S+Na2SO4 system. Model synthetic pastes were designed to obtain a simplified silica system that could be used in durability studies on materials with low calcium-to-silica ratios. This dégradation mainly consists in the hydrate decalcification/dissolution due to leaching and in the reaction between the sulfate ions migrating within the material and monosulfate initially present... One of the main objectives of the APPLET project was to quantify the variability of concrete properties to allow for a probabilistic performance-based approach regarding the service lifetime prediction of concrete structures. Early hydration was strongly accelerated by the presence of gypsum, but lower percentages of reaction were reached after 24h. PH-buffering and renewal of the leaching solution were studied. Les questions posées par nos partenaires ou les pouvoirs publics doivent trouver des réponses dans des délais compatibles avec les échéances posées, mais il convient aussi, par des approches plus larges et plus profondes... Cementation of sulphated evaporator concentrates leads to highly sulphated low level wastes, (ca. Puede cambiar la configuración u obtener más información aquí. Patrick Le Besco Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Patrick Le Besco is known for his work on Polisse (2011) and Bas-fonds (2010). All rights reserved. This paper focuses on two model materials: an hydrated C3S paste and a... Iron was corroded in anoxic cementitious (pH 13.2) media (filtered porewater or cement slurry) at 80 °C; corrosion products were investigated by microscopic techniques. Los datos proporcionados se conservarán durante el tiempo necesario para cumplir con las exigencias legales y no se cederán datos a terceros salvo obligación legal. Gran película francesa, sincera y dura, sobre una unidad policial protección de menores. Patrick Le Besco (Padrig ar Besko e brezhoneg[1]) zo ur yezhour eus Pariz, a orin breizhat, hag en deus savet meur a levr diwar-benn ar brezhoneg pe ar yezhoù keltiek, embannet gant Emgleo Breiz pe L'Harmattan e Pariz. The second approach introduces, within a phenomenological model, the thermoactivation of diffusion and hydrates solubility. Reciba semanalmente por correo electrónico los titulares de Aceprensa. repositories. geological disposal, reinforced concrete would be used. Towards an Intrinsic Relationship between Diffusion Coefficients and Microscopic Features of Cements ? The Early age hydration of two Calcium SulfoAluminate cements, containing respectively 0% and 10% gypsum, by a borate solution was studied using isothermal microcalorimetry. in a repository. Investigations were carried out to formulate and characterize low-alkalinity and low-heat cements which would be compatible with an underground waste repository environment. Some problems and issues are emphasized, dealing with cement embedment of salt-ladened solutions, mortar grouting and radionuclide confinement. Hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate cement by demineralised water or by a borated solution was then investigated as an example. Usted tiene derecho a presentar una reclamación ante la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos ( 0.5Na2O . Long-term behavior of cemented waste packages requires the knowledge of water diffusion coefficients (water is supposed to be the main degradation agent, by solubilization of some chemical compounds). encapsulate spent ion exchange resins (IERs) before their final disposal Tom Ford. The main objective is to increase the waste incorporation rate up to roughly 50% (in volume). The durability assessment of cementitious materials and concrete subjected to atmospheric carbonation of concrete has been an extensive study of research. When nuclear wastes are embedded in reinforced concrete containers, the chemical environment of the reinforcement is progressively modified, due... Les recherches menées dans l'aval du cycle se doivent de concilier les exigences du court terme et celles du futur plus éloi-gné. PH-buffering appeared not to be very important when the renewal pH remains under eight. Patrick Le Besco net worth is. The vast majority of the world’s concrete infrastructure was built around the middle of the twentieth century, and for the most part is now approaching an age of half a century or more. $1 Million. Pozzolans (high-silica product such as fly ash and silica fume) and blast furnace slag were added to Portland cement to decrease the cement pore solution pH to 11. Under service conditions, the structures would be subjected to simulta-neous drying and carbonation. conditions, the concrete structures would be subjected to drying and important factors that determine service life and safety assessment of The adjunction of gypsum to the cement results in a longer induction period when the mixing solution contains borate anions. Patrick Le Besco, Actor: Polisse. In the nuclear industry, cement-based materials are extensively used to This operation involves the fabrication of a massive plug (250 m3) also called "con... Cement-based materials would be commonly used for nuclear waste management and, particularly for geological disposal vaults as well as containers in France. This sodium-substituted AFm phase with chemical composition 4CaO.0.9Al2O3.1.1SO3.0.5Na2O.16H2O can induce deleterious effects through its secondary formation and its transformation into ettringite. This work is devoted to the conditioning of ion exchange resins used to decontaminate radioactive effluents. Cement pastes (CEM I and CEM V/A) as well as the three major constitutive phases (C-S-H of different C/S ratios, portlandite and ettringite) were used and changes in the mineralogy, microstructure, water retention and cracking were investi... Silica fume cement based materials have long been used in nuclear industry particularly for low-level waste (LLW) and intermediate-level waste (ILW) management.

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