There is so much to share. Following this stay in India however, everything changed. At the same time, he faithfully followed the Teaching of Peter Deunov. In spite of these difficulties, Mikhaël Aïvanhov remained faithful to the mission he had received and tirelessly and disinterestedly gave of his love, his knowledge and his attention to all those he met. His teaching helps humans perfect and strengthen themselves and find fulfilment in the world in which they live. His teaching gives an essential place to light as … Golden Rules For Everyday Life (Izvor, #227), Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon (Izvor, #205), Looking Into The Invisible: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams (Izvor, #228), Education Begins Before Birth (Izvor, #203), See all Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov's quotes ». Like most Bulgarians who lived and who were the predominant ethnic element in the region of Mac… Hey Roxana, thank you for your feedback. He refers to this as their higher or divine nature. “Strive each day to make your life purer, richer, and more luminous. Join the thousands worldwide who share the Master's inspiring thoughts. Dear Khotso, Ngiyabonga!! The teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov invites all human beings, whatever their colour, gender, country, religion  or sexual orientation, to realise a fraternal and harmonious life on earth. His works which include 44 pocketbooks and 32 complete works are based on his lectures, which were recorded first in shorthand and since 1960 on audio and video tape. During this visit, he also met many other gurus, including Ananda Moyi Ma (1896-1982), swami Nityananda (1896-1961), Anagarika Govinda (1898-1985) and swami Shivananda (1887-1963). Like the great Masters before him, he had extraordinary psychic powers and a vast knowledge of the invisible world. Dear Khotso, Ngiyabonga!! READ MORE → The Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography Get the free e-Pocket edition to … Join the thousands worldwide who share the Master’s inspiring thoughts. His father, Ivan Dimitrov was a merchant and his mother, Dolya was a religious woman, who dedicated her son to God since his very early childhood. He had always regarded himself as the disciple of his own Master, Peter Deunov. Mezitím také vystudoval a stal se ředitelem gymnázia. Refresh and try again. He and his family experienced great hardship because of the constant social unrest and wars – all of which provided the opportunity to develop his willpower, his spiritual knowledge, and his clairvoyance, while strengthening his desire to serve his fellow human beings. This will lead to abetter life for each and every one of us. Get the free e-Pocket edition to read on your phone or tablet. One of the essential truths of initiatic science, according to Aivanhov, is that (in the higher world) all things are linked. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov se narodil v roce 1900 na území dnešní Makedonie. In common with other spiritual initiates, he underwent periods of profound suffering but through the power of his spirit he was able to transform these experiences into what he called ‘precious stones’. For a quarter of a century, he continues to live a life consecrated to Heaven and to his `` brothers and sisters `` every day, travelling and sharing.... For a quarter of a century, he continues to live a daily life consecrated to Heaven, and to his “brothers and sisters”, travelling and sharing his presence among the fraternal groups whose creation he inspired, in France, Switzerland, Canada, and shortly afterwards, in other countries of Europe, Africa, America…. – 1973), from whom he received the name ‘Omraam’, in circumstances which he never fully disclosed. Yes, we will keep the posts coming. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov was a Macedonian philosopher, pedagogue, alchemist, mystic, magus and astrologer. Aivanhov’s teaching incorporates aspects of Esoteric Christianity that relate to finding the “Kingdom of God on earth” within the individual. Yes, we will keep the posts coming. In 1937, at the request of his Master, Peter Deunov, he came to France, where he gave the main body of … Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s Teaching is in the tradition of the great sages of humanity.

omraam mikhaël aïvanhov

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